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Okaloosa County Florida County Board of Commissioners

June 18, 2007

Okaloosa COunty 

Commission Meeting Tuesday, 8:30 AM

The Okaloosa County Board of Commissioners will hold their next public Board Meeting on

Tuesday, June 5, at 8:30 a.m. at the Crestview Courthouse, 101 E. James Lee Blvd.

For an agenda or previous meeting summaries, please visit our web site at  Board meetings are aired in their entirety on Cox Communication

Channel 6 on Wednesday’s at 7 p.m. and Thursday’s at 10 a.m. The meetings will air on FWBTV,

although dates and times may vary. For a FWBTV schedule, visit

Visitors entering the Crestview Courthouse will now enter at the Highway 90 entrance and

pass through a security checkpoint, equipped with metal detectors. These new security measures

are for the protection of all the citizens of Okaloosa County. For more information, call 651-7105

or 651-7515.

Panhandle Historic Preservation Alliance Meeting

June 18, 2007

defuniakspringsconservation.jpgThe Panhandle Historic Preservation Alliance is comprised of community leaders,

organizations and individuals actively engaged in the collection, preservation and

restoration of historic property and memorabilia from the State of Florida and their

respective communities throughout the Panhandle.

The Alliance strives to pool and utilize resources for the vital preservation and awareness

of our region’s historic treasures and cultural resources. For additional information,

contact (850) 951-2127 or email Diane Merkel at

Potential new members are welcome.

Details for the Panhandle Historic Preservation Alliance Meeting General Membership

Meeting are below:

Monday, June 11, 4:00 p.m.

Walton County Heritage Museum

1140 Circle Drive

DeFuniak Springs, Florida 32435

Free Search MLS Okaloosa Florida and Surrounding counties

June 18, 2007


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  • Okaloosa Public Beach Safety sixty second spots

    June 18, 2007

    duneweb.jpgPublic Safety officials remind beachgoers to always observe the county’s

    beach flag warning system which consists of a green flag indicating safe

    swimming conditions, yellow flag for medium hazard, red flag for high hazard

    and purple flag indicating the presence of marine pests. A double red flag flying

    along public beaches signify that the waters are closed. Officials also recommend

    to swim in areas with lifeguards on duty and to always utilize caution when in the



    PSAs: Beach Safety


    Our sugar-white beaches and emerald green waters are one of nature’s gifts and we

    encourage everyone to enjoy them safely. Inexperienced and young swimmers should

    swim in public beaches, where a lifeguard is present. Please be observant of the Warning

    Flags placed along public beaches and make wise decisions when entering the water. A

    Green flag mean calm conditions, yellow flag means a moderate surf, red flag means

    strong, hazardous currents, and purple flags indicate marine pests such as jellyfish, may

    be present. If a double red flag is flying, the water is off limits. The Okaloosa County

    Department of Public Safety reminds everyone to have fun, be careful, and ask the

    lifeguard for assistance. Weather and flag conditions, a list of public beaches with

    lifeguards and many helpful hints can be accessed on our web site at

    Water Reclamation Facility receives operating permit

    June 18, 2007


     Arbennie Pritchett Water Reclamation Facility Receives Operating Permit

    The Okaloosa County Water and Sewer Department has received its operating permit for the Arbennie Pritchett Water Reclamation Facility, from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. “This is great news for everyone involved – it means we can begin construction,” exclaimed Jeff Littrell, director, Water and Sewer Department.

    Camp Dresser & McKee of Orlando is the design-build firm. Environmental Services Group, Inc. of Fort Walton Beach, is the program manager for the project. HDR of Tampa prepared the design criteria package and Polyengineering Inc. of Dothan, Ala., prepared the design for the rapid infiltration basins to which the new facility will discharge. Okaloosa County is self constructing the rapid infiltration basins, which will reduce the overall cost of the project by several million dollars.

    The project will be constructed using the design-build process, which will expedite the construction and give the County more control over the cost. The total contract value for the project is $49,389.098 and is expected to be complete by September 2009.

    The new facility, named posthumously for Okaloosa Water and Sewer employee Arbennie Pritchett, will replace the existing Garniers Wastewater Treatment Facility. The new facility is located on Eglin Air Force Base property. For more information and updates, visit our web site at

    Okaloosa County Public Library coop

    June 18, 2007

    Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative

    Governing Board Meeting Thursday

    The Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative (OCPLC) Governing Board will meeting Thursday, June 14, 2007, in the Niceville Library Conference Room. The Board meeting will begin at 11:00 a.m. and is open to the public.

    Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative members include the Destin Library, Fort Walton Beach City Library, Niceville Library, Mary Esther Public Library, Robert L.F. Sikes Public Library in Crestview, and the Valparaiso Community Library. OCPLC currently has 100,000 library patrons. For more information, contact 850.609.5102.

    Okaloosa County Budget 2007-2008

    June 18, 2007

    The Okaloosa County Board of Commissioners Will Hold a Special Meeting to Discuss FY2007-08 Budget

    The Okaloosa County Board of Commissioners will hold a special Board Meeting on Tuesday, June 19, beginning at 4:00 p.m. at the Okaloosa Co. Water & Sewer Building, 1804 Lewis Turner Blvd., in Ft. Walton Beach. The topic will be the Fiscal Year 2007-08 Budget and tax reform impacts.

    The regularly scheduled public meeting will follow at 6:00 p.m. For a more detailed agenda or previous meeting summaries, please visit our web site at

    Board meetings are aired in their entirety on Cox Communication Channel 6 on Wednesday’s at 7 p.m. and Thursday’s at 10 a.m. FWBTV also airs meetings, visit for a schedule. For more information, contact 850-651-7515.

    4836 Galliver Cutoff Horse Ranch in Okaloosa Florida

    June 18, 2007


    If you are looking for a horse ranch property contact me I have a great one available. 4836 GALLIVER CUTOFF Holt Florida

    More horse ranch buying tips

    June 18, 2007

    galliver.jpggalliver.jpgThe Stalls: When considering stalls for your horse farm, think like a horse. Is there a way you can escape, injure yourself, injure your neighbor or otherwise wreak havoc in the barn? Then look long and hard at the size, construction and use of the existing or planned stalls:   Stall Construction: In general all stall floors should be non-slip and preferably matted (if not matted, this is an excellent improvement idea for your ranch). Solidly constructed walls made of wood or cement that go all the way to the floor with no gaps between the boards are generally best.
    Stall Size: Once the issues of safety and security are addressed, consider comfort. A 10 x 10 stall can accommodate ponies and small horses well, while larger horses are more comfortable in a 12 x 12. Stalls with runs are preferred, though in cold climates you may want to close the stall off from the run for added warmth. Additionally, stall doors should be approximately wide with ceilings at least tall and solidly built dividers that minimize the risk of injury.
    Stall Use: Do the stalls meet the needs of their intended use? For breeding facilities, broodmare and stallion stalls should be considerably larger and well removed from each other with ample barriers between stalls. For boarding barns, separate storage or tack areas are always a perk.
    Road Access: The ability for trucks to access your horse farm easily is critical to the smooth operation of the facility. Regardless of the proximity to the main road, having a well-maintained, sturdy road to the barn and storage areas that allows large trucks to safely enter, and turn around, is imperative.

    Buying Okaloosa Horse property tips

    June 18, 2007

    Fencing: Most horse farms will have some sort of existing fencing. When evaluating the current fencing and planned improvements, it again pays to think like a horse. The primary job of a fence is to safely contain your horses. If there is a way they can injure themselves, they will, so safety must be the main concern. That said, the aesthetics of your fence will add appeal and beauty to your horse property. Some fencing options include:   Wood Fencing: Wood, while traditionally beautiful and generally safe, is difficult to maintain and can be costly.
    Vinyl Fencing: Providing the aesthetic beauty of a traditional wood fence, vinyl fencing is safe and very durable. Electric Fencing: Used alone or with an existing fence, electric fences can discourage a horse natural propensity to find something to hurt themselves on by providing both a physical and psychological barrier.
    Barbed Wire: Generally speaking, avoid barbed wire fences at horse farms as they frequently lead to injury. Pastures and Turn Outs: On every horse farm, save those rare urban facilities, there should be ample room to turn out your horses. Take the number of horses and intended use of the turnouts into consideration when selecting a horse property.
    Arenas: If you do a lot of arena riding, your equestrian estate should have an existing arena or room to accommodate one. Don’t underestimate the cost of building an arena or improving an existing one. Footing is a considerable investment that will affect the soundness of your horses and the amount of maintenance your arena will require. It is also important not to underestimate the need for a covered or indoor arena depending on the climate where you intend to buy.
    Water: Horse farms need good access to water both in the barn and in the pasture. Making sure the plumbing meets your needs.
    Lighting: Electricity is another factor that will affect the usability of your ranch. Barns need electricity if for no other reason than to use in an emergency. Arena lighting may also be necessary, particularly if you intend to use your horse property as a boarding facility.
    Feed and equipment storage: Having ample hay, grain and equipment storage on your horse farm is both convenient and cost effective. It will prolong the life of your feed by protecting it from the elements and minimize maintenance on farm equipment. Additionally, a secure feed area will protect horses that get loose from over-eating and making themselves sick.
    Last, but certainly not least, you should consider the home on your horse property. Does it meet your family needs? Is it well placed in relation to the barn?   With a list of priorities, amenities and wishes in mind, you can refine your search

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