More horse ranch buying tips

galliver.jpggalliver.jpgThe Stalls: When considering stalls for your horse farm, think like a horse. Is there a way you can escape, injure yourself, injure your neighbor or otherwise wreak havoc in the barn? Then look long and hard at the size, construction and use of the existing or planned stalls:   Stall Construction: In general all stall floors should be non-slip and preferably matted (if not matted, this is an excellent improvement idea for your ranch). Solidly constructed walls made of wood or cement that go all the way to the floor with no gaps between the boards are generally best.
Stall Size: Once the issues of safety and security are addressed, consider comfort. A 10 x 10 stall can accommodate ponies and small horses well, while larger horses are more comfortable in a 12 x 12. Stalls with runs are preferred, though in cold climates you may want to close the stall off from the run for added warmth. Additionally, stall doors should be approximately wide with ceilings at least tall and solidly built dividers that minimize the risk of injury.
Stall Use: Do the stalls meet the needs of their intended use? For breeding facilities, broodmare and stallion stalls should be considerably larger and well removed from each other with ample barriers between stalls. For boarding barns, separate storage or tack areas are always a perk.
Road Access: The ability for trucks to access your horse farm easily is critical to the smooth operation of the facility. Regardless of the proximity to the main road, having a well-maintained, sturdy road to the barn and storage areas that allows large trucks to safely enter, and turn around, is imperative.

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