Okaloosa Public Beach Safety sixty second spots

duneweb.jpgPublic Safety officials remind beachgoers to always observe the county’s

beach flag warning system which consists of a green flag indicating safe

swimming conditions, yellow flag for medium hazard, red flag for high hazard

and purple flag indicating the presence of marine pests. A double red flag flying

along public beaches signify that the waters are closed. Officials also recommend

to swim in areas with lifeguards on duty and to always utilize caution when in the



PSAs: Beach Safety


Our sugar-white beaches and emerald green waters are one of nature’s gifts and we

encourage everyone to enjoy them safely. Inexperienced and young swimmers should

swim in public beaches, where a lifeguard is present. Please be observant of the Warning

Flags placed along public beaches and make wise decisions when entering the water. A

Green flag mean calm conditions, yellow flag means a moderate surf, red flag means

strong, hazardous currents, and purple flags indicate marine pests such as jellyfish, may

be present. If a double red flag is flying, the water is off limits. The Okaloosa County

Department of Public Safety reminds everyone to have fun, be careful, and ask the

lifeguard for assistance. Weather and flag conditions, a list of public beaches with

lifeguards and many helpful hints can be accessed on our web site at


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