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First time home buyers programs

August 7, 2007


The Program

Buying a home can be affordable.

Thanks to a special partnership between

the Housing Finance Authority of Escambia

County and the Okaloosa

County Board of County Commissioners,

this program is designed to make

purchasing a home more affordable for

low and moderate income homebuyers

by providing first-time homebuyers with

below-market interest rate mortgage

loans. Mortgage loans in this program

are available on a first-come, first-serve


453099_174558.jpg Who Qualifies?

Borrowers must be first-time homebuyers

who have not had a present

ownership interest in their principal

residence during the last three years.

*Qualified Veterans who received an

honorable discharge do not have to be

first-time buyers. Please consult with a

participating lender for details.

Borrowers must meet normal mortgage

requirements which demonstrate

credit worthiness.

Borrowers must occupy the purchased

home as their principal residence.

Household income may not exceed

the following limits within Okaloosa


galliver.jpg What Homes Qualify?

The single family home may be attached

or detached, a condo, certain manufactured

homes or PUD. Homes must be

located within one of the counties listed

on the front of this brochure. The total

purchase price of a home within Okaloosa

County may not exceed the following


bannerlogo2.jpg The Mortgage

The homebuyer may choose between a

Conventional, FHA-insured, VAguaranteed,

or USDA-RD 30-year fixed

rate mortgage.

Okaloosa COunty What is a Targeted Area?

Targeted areas are neighborhoods that

have historically been underserved in

mortgage loan origination. In targeted areas,

you do not need to be a first-time

homebuyer, and there are higher income

and purchase price limits. Please consult

a participating lender.

defuniakspringsconservation.jpg Assistance is Available

The Authority offers down payment

assistance in all participating counties.

Amortizing Second Mortgage Program:

This second mortgage provides down

payment & closing cost assistance for up

to $7,000 at 0% amortized over 10 years.

Income limits and purchase price limits

are the maximum available under the Program.







5.39% 0.50% 1.00%

Family of


$62,600 N/A

Family of 3

or more:



Non-Target Areas Target Areas

New &





Non-Target Areas Target Areas

Escambia County

Housing Finance Authority

The Escambia County Housing Finance

Authority was created in 1980 by the

Escambia County Board of County

Commissioners to help alleviate a shortage

of affordable housing. The Authority

is a special district in the State of Florida

under Florida Statues, Chapter 159, Part


First Time Home buyers

August 7, 2007

1422_high.jpg What is the next step?

Contact a participating lender listed on this

brochure. The lender can help you determine

the best loan for you and an affordable

loan amount. Additional help is available

from a variety of other professionals such as

real estate attorneys or non profit housing

groups; some offer homebuyer education. If

you have questions please contact the

Housing Authority at 800-388-1970 or 850-432-7077 or

a participating lender listed

…participating lenders continued


Vanessa Peters 850-678-3110

Leda Colburn (850) 269-6726

Elizabeth Warner (850) 269-6724

Susan Cornell (850) 651-5252

John Flournoy (850) 651-5252

Susan Pace (850) 729-8885


Debbie Burns (850) 654-3383

Michael Daopoulos (850) 833-8407

Holly Fort (850) 678-8934

Sheri Proctor-Williams (850) 523-4671


Kent Winkelseth 877-217-5868


Beverly Majors 850-863-6425

Linda Radell 850-315-5703

Debra Gore 850-682-7150

Barbara Prather 850-231-2873


Cathy Shea (850) 664-9580

Sandra Harbin (850) 664-9580


Shellie Isakson 800-239-9210


Sheila Blackerby 850-682-3228

Judy Gray 850-682-3228

Felix Hardenbrook 850-522-6162

Pamela Rainwater 850-436-2790




Serving the Counties of: Alachua, Citrus,

Escambia, Gadsden, Hernando, Holmes, Indian –

River, Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, Marion, Martin,

Okaloosa, Okeechobee, Santa Rosa, St Lucie,

Taylor, Wakulla, Walton and Washington.

Revised 05-19-07







Susanne Stamm 850-275-8832


Susan Robbins 850-864-1011

Jim Baker 850-682-1314

BB & T



Pamela Bousquet 850-301-0830

Jean Jackson 850-654-8892


Tracey Callahan 850-433-4140


Ana Gaines 850-796-2113

Stacy Holland 850-217-7498

Abe Love 850-585-5683

Linda Kirkpatrick 850-598-3031

Mary Beth Yancey 850-585-1748

Ken Jarosz 850-598-3035

Amy Liggett 850-428-2473

Affordable Housing for First time homebuyers

August 7, 2007

Okaloosa County News Release  Affordable Housing for

First Time Homebuyers

Since 1984, the Okaloosa County Board of Commissioners has participated in the Affordable Housing Program for first-time homebuyers in partnership with the Housing Finance Authority of Escambia County. The Program is available in many surrounding counties, to include Okaloosa, which is the number one user of this program in the area, having the most participants.

The program is designed to make purchasing a home affordable for low and moderate income homebuyers by providing first-time homebuyers with a below-market interest rate mortgage. This year offers first-time homebuyers a 5.39 percent interest rate and buyers can borrow up to $7,000 for a down payment, without paying any interest. The down payment is amortized over ten years and included in the mortgage payment.

Each region receives a varied amount throughout the State and applications are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Choose from a Conventional, FHA-insured, VA-guaranteed or USDA-RD 30-year fixed rate mortgage. Those eligible include first time homebuyers, military veterans and anyone who hasn’t owned a home in three years. For more information contact the Escambia County Housing Finance Authority at 1-800-388-1970, 850-432-7077, visit for the full brochure of information and list of lenders, or ask your lender if they are a participant.

Limited pesticide Training

August 7, 2007

Okaloosa County News Release


Limited Pesticide Applicator’s Training and Exam Aug. 8

If part of your job is applying pesticides (including Roundup), the State of Florida requires that you have a limited pesticide license. For government employees (city, county) and private businesses (condominiums) the Limited Lawn and Ornamental applicator’s license is what is required. For landscape companies, the Limited Commercial Landscape Maintenance license complies with the law.

Instruction training and exams details are listed below:

Training: Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Location: Okaloosa County Extension Office, 5479 Old Bethel Road, Crestview

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Costs: $25.00, due the day of the training

Testing will follow training for those interested, Cost: $150

Contact: Sheila Dunning, Commercial Horticulture Agent, 689-5850, email

Continuing Education Units (CEU) are also available for those who already have a license. It’s now easier to qualify to take the Commercial Landscape exam. The classroom hours have been reduced from 8 to 6, no proof of previous experience is required and proof of insurance is not required until the exam is passed. By utilizing our many resources, Extension will make the limited pesticide course easy, interesting and useful.

Local Lenders Northwest Florida

August 7, 2007

Good Afternoon, Hope you are doing well.  I would like to add a few comments on the overall mortgage market.  As most of you are aware, the mortgage market is currently experiencing a severe tightening of credit standards.  Lending guidelines and qualification standards are becoming more restrictive as lenders move to protect themselves.  Some loan programs and qualification levels that were available a short time ago are no longer available today.  As a result some customers that may have qualified for a mortgage a few weeks back may no longer qualify today. Furthermore, we are strongly advising agents to place more scrutiny on pre-approval letters, pay close attention to the financing details on purchase contracts, and follow financing contingencies closely.  It is imperative that agents work with trusted and reliable lenders that understand the complexity of the markets and can adapt to the changing landscape. Our management team is keeping us educated and informed in this rapidly changing environment.  You may experience an increase in funding issues with other lenders, and we are ready to assist.  Any agent who finds their buyer in this dilemma should contact me immediately.  We offer a wide variety of loan programs, and we are prepared to provide quick closings to assist the consumer and get their transaction back on track.   

Thanks for your support and if there is anything I can do to help you please let me know.

Kathy Zwirko

Kathy Zwirko Office Cell 850-218-5820

Mary Beth Yancey

Mary Beth Yancey Originator Office 850-796-2108 Cell 850-585-1748

Country wide home loans

Dave Simmons Office 850-897-7982 Toll 866-492-8736 ext 7982 Cell 850-974-8778

Lee Ann Arrigo Mortgage Advisor Cell: 850-803-5626 Email:

B and L

Baker and Lindsey, Inc. 26-B Racetrack Rd., NW Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547 “> Susan Robbins  (850) 864-1011 or (800) 421-1011

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