Starbucks opening in Crestview


This is a website I ran across while looking up the details on Starbucks that is going in right next door to us at Coldwell Banker United Realtors. 

They will be happy to know the building next to our Coldwell banker now sports the coming soon Starbucks Banner

Bring Starbucks To Crestview, Florida <!——————->View Current Signatures   –   Sign the Petition

To:  Starbucks Corporate Office1. Recognizing that to date the height of culture in Crestview, Florida is a Wal-Mart Supercenter and a Hooters;

2. Recognizing that the majority of the population is military and that the military is a major consumer of coffee;

3. Recognizing that Crestview, Florida has a large teen population that can be easily targeted;

4. Recognizing that the only available cappucino comes from the local quickie marts and is a powder based beverage;

5. Recognizing that this backwards town desperately needs a strong kick into the modern age;

We the undersigned do ask and beg Starbucks Coffee to open one or more locations in Crestview, Florida as soon as possible.


The Undersigned


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