Coldwell Banker Mortgage outlook

Your listings are more affordable now, thanks to lower rates. Mortgage rates are at historic lows. Your prospective buyers can enjoy significantly lower monthly payments by financing now.

Contact your buyers whenever rates go down. Make sure they know that we provide reliable financing at very affordable rates. Here are several talking points that you can bring to your buyer’s attention:

  • Rates are low but they may increase in the future
  • If customers finance their home with us while rates are low, they can save hundreds of dollars a year or more for the life of their loan
  • Even if they haven’t found a property yet, your buyers can take advantage of lower interest rates by selecting Pre-Purchase Rate Protection, which caps their rate to protect them from market fluctuations

Reliable financing is available now.
We are a lender that you and your customers can trust. With our wide variety of loan products, we’ll find the mortgage that meets your customers’ financial needs now and for the entire life of the loan. Contact us today to find out how we can help your buyers get into their dream home now, when rates are low.


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