Register your vechile on Eglin AFB

Local area code: 850
Dialing DSN prefix: 872-xxxx
DSN: 94 + 7 digit number
On-base numbers: 2-xxxx, 3-xxxx (Hurlburt Field: 4-xxxx)
Off-base numbers: 99 + 7 digit numberLong distance: 98 + 10 digit number
Official long distance calls should be made only when DSN or toll-free (800) lines are not available.

Phone: 882-3442
Personnel assigned to Eglin and their family members who operate privately owned vehicles on the installation must register their vehicles within 72 hours of their arrival on base. Pass and Registration, in Building 210, room 169, is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
To register a vehicle, proof of vehicle insurance equivalent to Florida’s minimum insurance is required, as well as the state vehicle registration, military identification card and a driver’s license. If the vehicle already has a Department of Defense
vehicle decal issued from another base, and it’s located on the lower left driver’s side or upper-middle of the windshield, bring the six-digit decal number so it can be reissued at Eglin.
Motorcycles and mopeds can also be registered at Pass and Registration. Operators of these types of vehicles must wear helmets, proper safety gear and attend a safety course.
Temporary registration can be obtained prior to the safety course. Registration is complete after attending the class. The driving speed limit on Eglin is 25 mph unless otherwise posted.


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