Fort Walton Beach

From a population of 90 in 1940 to over 175,000 in 2002, the Greater Fort Walton Beach area has enjoyed growth in many areas. Undiscovered for many years, the area abounds with both large and small businesses, beautiful residential neighborhoods, sophisticated condominium complexes, an active industrial park engaged in light, clean industry, and many opportunities for outdoor sports and activities. A civic auditorium, council chambers, library complex, and attractive parks give the city its core of activity. Fort Walton Beach has an unusual number of fine restaurants and entertainment facilities. A top rated educational system provides students with the opportunity of a kindergarten through graduate school education. The city has many churches of every denomination as well as numerous clubs and civic organizations. Situated on the beautiful white sands of the Emerald Coast on the Gulf of Mexico, Fort Walton Beach draws from a business area of more than 177,000 people. Many factors go into making Fort Walton Beach and Okaloosa County the vibrant area it is today. However, there are five important areas that stand out: the military impact in the community, the high tech industry located here, the abundant educational opportunities, the cost of living and the life-style advantages. Browse through the community section to see things that make the Fort Walton Beach area such an attractive place to work, live and play. Fort Walton Beach is rapidly earning the reputation as the “Technology Coast.” Dozens of small and mid-size companies designing and manufacturing a vast assortment of products for military/industrial use have chosen our area as their home. These businesses often keep a low public profile due to their military and defense connections, but their impact on Fort Walton Beach is great. Their presence means an influx of professionals who are highly skilled, highly educated and highly paid. As the “Technology Coast” grows – and by all indications it will do so by leaps and bounds – so will the Fort Walton Beach metro area.

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