I have renewed my upgraded RES.NET AMP membership as I continue to be RES.NET certified

The RES.NET Community Difference

RES.NET’s core features are channeled through portals specifically designed for various aspects of the real estate industry. Each portal provides powerful tools for specific tasks. By linking the portals together RES.NET synchronizes you to a network of business professionals and this network to you.

At RES.NET, we provide the infrastructure to build a successful community of diverse real estate professionals. No matter what your role in the industry, we will increase your connections, enhance your relationships, and accelerate your business

What can RES.NET do for you?

RES.NET provides you the tools to get ahead in the default servicing market. Whether you are an Asset Manager, Listing Agent, Short Sale Specialist, Valuation Manager, Loss Mitigation Specialist, or Real Estate Agent the RES.NET community gives prospective customers a more detailed look at you and your abilities. RES.NET is a state-of-the-art software solution with exclusive technology that gives Asset Managers the elements to best manage property portfolios from pre-foreclosure to REO…


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@RESNET_AMP Lake Forest, CA AMP connects agents to a community of real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers, and provides them with the tools to expose, connect, and manage. http://www.res.net

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