I am now NABPOP certified and have earned the CPV designation,C-REPS

Congratulations! You passed the NABPOP Certification Test. If you are a full NABPOP member, you have earned the designation CPV – Certified Property Valuator. This certification and designation is valid for 1 year.

Please verify the address in your member profile as we will send your certificate via mail to the address designated in your member profile. Also enter or verify the name (in the “Name on Certificate” field Certification Information section) that you would like printed on your certificate. Please do not delay in verifying or updating your profile as NABPOP normally sends the certificates within 24 hours of initial certification. If you have not received your certificate within 2 weeks, contact Support@NABPOP.com. Please note that NABPOP will only send ONE certificate after you have passed the certification test.

Please allow 1 business day for your score to post in your NABPOP Member’s Profile. By default, your score is not published in the directory. You must select the option to have your score posted. Remember that your certification score and date is a sorting criterion (regardless if you opt to have your score published or not) in the NABPOP directory (the highest scores and the most current cert dates sort to the top).

The home page has moved. Please click here for more information about Broker Price Opinions – BPO

NABPOP is the Association of Broker Price Opinion BPO Professionals. Broker Price Opinion – BPO Practitioners belong to this association. All the information that you need about BPO Broker Price Opinions can be found on the association of Broker Price Opinion BPO Professional’s website. If you have questions about Broker Price Opinions BPO or would like to learn more about Broker Price Opinions BPO or are interested in the advocacy of Broker Price Opinions BPO, please visit the association that was created specifically for Broker Price Opinions BPO. NABPOP has Broker Price Opinion BPO training, Broker Price Opinion BPO education, Broker Price Opinion BPO job resources, and Broker Price Opinion BPO certification. All the information you need about Broker Price Opinion BPOs can be found at www.nabpop.org

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