Update to previous post My Safe Place Pet Rescue reached their goal of 5,000 for 1k likes

So here we are at the start of what I hope will be something that will help a lot of animals. Lets see if we can use the like button from Facebook to spread some good news. Starting today For every new like on my website

OkaloosaMLS.com I will be donating $5.00 up to $5,000 till Dec 31st,2014 to My Safe Place Pet Rescue.
*ELIGIBILITY* Any Facebook account liking OkaloosaMLS.com must have existed for at least 6 months so that Facebook doesn’t mark the website with google as a spammed liked page*
http://www.OkaloosaMLS.com/ has added this year a like button to the website and currently there are 15 likes so hopefully there will be many more soon.
Please share this story on Facebook to help My Safe Place Pet Rescue and send to any pet lover you know and make sure to go to http://www.OkaloosaMLS.com/ and click the Facebook like today.

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